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I have followed Ryan Lee for quite some years. I even have some of his old physical products on the shelf. Yes, I am a fan. With the openness of the media today, that says a lot – it is so easy to find something about a mentor or coach that you do not like and prevents you from working with them. Not so for Ryan Lee.

He himself and his support team are excellent and treat you like a person – every communication makes you feel validated.

So what is FREEDYM and why must you “want to have it”?

FREEDYM is a monthly membership group at $30/month, with so much content in the membership area you will be amazed! New content added monthly. Fantastic Facebook group for members only, that has other members help you, but also Ryan himself and his great support team is also there for you. I can tell you all I want, but the proof is in the pudding, try it. You can get your money back if not satisfied, and leave whenever you want – but you won’t…you won’t 🙂

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You’re just 30 seconds away from having ALL the training you’ll ever need. PLUS, a 24/7 supportive mastermind community, coaching, and all your questions answered.

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This is just some of the programs, there is something for everyone, each program has the potential to start a business

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